Opening in September for Grade 7-9

Meet The Team

Lisa Davis


Lisa is an experienced senior executive and entrepreneur with a successful track record of delivering results across a variety of organizations. Lisa’s background in commercial real estate and venture capital saw her leading a number of start-ups and major expansions on a national, local, and regional basis. Lisa was previously elected on a platform of change as a trustee of the Calgary Board of Education, one of the largest school boards in Canada with 120,000 students and a $1.4 billion budget. Lisa also founded a highly successful early childhood and recreational program that doubled in size in its first 3 years. The unique community hub model she pioneered was recognized for its innovative programming.

Sarah Bieber


Sarah began her career as a junior high and then high school teacher, where she ran the school's program for students with learning disabilities along with teaching Social Studies and a Career and Technology Studies (CTS) class. Sarah has given many presentations to parent groups over the years on the topic of supporting children with unique learning needs. As a mother of young children Sarah acted as a preschool coordinator and a preschool chairperson. More recently, Sarah completed a Masters of Counselling in the Faculty of Education at the University of Calgary and she now works as a counsellor, both for an agency and in private practice. Sarah currently serves as spokesperson for the educational advocacy group Kids Come First. She also works with young people as a basketball program coordinator and coach. As a mother of children in high school, junior high, and elementary school, Sarah is very aware of many of the unique learning needs of children and the benefits of programs focused on helping students reach their potential.

Technology Advisory Committee

Made up of senior STEM experts from industry and post-secondary institutions, the Technology Advisory Committee contributes valuable insights on local and global trends and advancements. The committee also provides direction for curriculum content and design to ensure STEM Collegiate courses and outcomes align with post-secondary and employment pathways. If you are a senior STEM professional interested in helping guide the future of STEM Collegiate, please contact us.