STEM Collegiate High School

Grade 10 will be added in the 2024-25 school year, and Grade 11 for 2025-26 and Grade 12 for 2026-27. Our building has capacity for approx. 550 students and discussions are underway for a separate high school.

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Where High School Meets High Tech

At STEM Collegiate High School, students will continue their STEM-focused educational journey, solidifying their foundational knowledge and skills through hands-on projects while also gaining clarity on postsecondary pathways through real-world STEM experiences.

All Grade 10 students will enroll in a year-long Science 10 course, which will integrate both the Science 10 curriculum and associated enrichment electives. Students will have the opportunity to choose one of four clusters:

STEM Collegiate High School Science Students
Focused young African female college student working on a laptop on some stairs on campus preparing for an exam

STEM Collegiate high school students will also have the opportunity to benefit from:

Honours Academy Coursework

Developed with input from post-secondary institutions, these rigorous courses are designed for highly motivated students looking for additional academic challenge.

Capstone Project

All Collegiate students will complete a capstone project that requires them to explore a real-world problem and develop a solution -- or product or service -- through intense and rigorous research. Students will design their own individual or collaborative capstone project in a specialized area of interest, allowing them to explore the subject matter in a way that is both personalized and authentic.

Our Fab Lab Fuelling Innovation and Collaboration

MIT Fab Lab

To support our commitment to innovation and global collaboration, STEM Collegiate High School will feature Alberta’s second Fab Lab, a future-focused platform for project-based, hands-on experiential learning opportunities. 

The Fab Lab program emerged from MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA), a cross-campus program that works to merge the digital world with the physical world. As a part of this program, our digital fabrication facility will be linked to 2,000 labs in over 120 countries, allowing students to collaborate with their global peers.

These digital fabrication laboratories help inspire people to turn ideas into new prototypes by giving them access to a wide range of advanced digital manufacturing technology. Fab Lab equipment includes 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, a vinyl cutter, and a variety of robotics, sensors, and electronic components.

To support global connections, Fab Labs are connected by similar processes and equipment. A student in Kenya, Egypt or Finland can upload their project to the network, to be accessed by a student in Edmonton. Read more about the international network of Fab Labs at

Additional information on STEM Collegiate programming will be made available as plans are finalized.