Opening in September for Grade 7-9

STEM Collegiate Jr. High School

STEM Collegiate will welcome students in grades 7-9 for the 2023-2024 school year. Renovations of our facility in south Edmonton will be completed in advance of the school’s opening, including construction of a new gymnasium.

Get Future Ready

Unleashing Potential with the Power of STEM Learning

Exposure to high-quality STEM experiences during the junior high years is often a pivotal factor that influences whether or not a student chooses to pursue a career in a STEM field. At STEM Collegiate, we provide all junior high students with rich STEM experiences that help them explore their interests and gain a better awareness of the kinds of opportunities available in STEM fields after high school.

Our programming goes far beyond typical science and math content to provide students with an interdisciplinary exploration of fascinating and timely STEM topics. Through our unique custom-built foundational courses – STEM 101 and STEM Talks – students build relevant problem-solving, research and inquiry skills that are valuable in all disciplines. An array of complementary courses offers our junior high students the opportunity to explore a wide variety of STEM topics, including biomedical design, cryptocurrency, 3D printing, robotics, coding in Python and much, much more.

STEM Collegiate Junior High Science Students
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Active Learning through Hands-on Experience

At STEM Collegiate, our programming is designed to foster curiosity and innovation through hands-on exploration and the joy of discovery. Students gain the fundamental skills necessary for STEM literacy through meaningful learning experiences that activate technology, makerspaces, and project-based learning as part of the STEM educational journey. Students also learn from and interact with STEM professionals, providing real-world context for their studies. 

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Design & Engineering

At STEM Collegiate, students create innovative solutions to unique problems. In our Engineering and Design Strand, students will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to apply the design process to a variety of diverse challenges. Using design and fabrication techniques, students create projects that are manufactured using equipment in our Makerspace.


Innovative ideas are spread by creative, effective, and engaging communication. Courses in our Media strand will provide students with the skills to enhance their communication so that it can appeal to all the senses. Students will create and share ideas through a variety of mediums to tantalize their target audience.

Computational Thinking

Computational thinking refers to the thought processes involved in understanding a problem and creating digital solutions using industry-standard hardware and software. Students will learn how to create ‘smart’ design solutions. Using hands-on experience in computer programming and electronics, students build systems that take hardware components and algorithms needed to run components.

Required Complementary Courses

These courses are mandatory for all students at STEM Collegiate as they develop skills applicable to all areas.


At STEM Collegiate, learning isn’t limited to the classroom. STEM Collegiate students will have the opportunity to compete in science fairs and robotics competitions, explore their passions and build new friendships through a variety of clubs, build their leadership skills in student government, and experience the thrill of training and teamwork as they compete in interclub athletics.