Junior High Options Description

Course descriptions serve as a guide to help students predict the content of the course.

Due to the nature of technological innovations and each teacher’s individual creativity, improvements and reflection, there may be slight deviations in each course as the term progresses.

Grade 7:

Grade 7 students are not able to select options. The rationale for this is to expose students to each of the key disciplines in their first year at STEM collegiate. Trying each option strand in their first year allows students to find new passions and better allows them to follow their interests when they can select options in grade 8/9.

Introduction to Design and Engineering:

“Intro to Design and Engineering” propels students into the heart of the engineering world, blending foundational design principles with hands-on creation. Guided by STEM Design thinking, students will tackle real-world challenges with creativity. Armed with tools from “Makerspace” traditional tools to 3D printers and laser cutters, learners will design, assemble, and refine their visions into tangible creations. The adventure culminates in a CO2 dragster challenge, where students design and race their own dragsters, showcasing their ingenuity and mastery. Ready, set, engineer!

Introduction to Computer Sciences:

“Intro to Computer Sciences” invites students to the forefront of computer science with an engaging blend of block-based and introductory coding activities, alongside interactive physical computing. Unraveling core programming concepts through intuitive block-based languages, students master sequencing, loops, and conditional logic while tackling fun challenges and building games. Beyond the screen, they dive into physical computing, using sensors and motors to craft interactive devices, animate bots, and engineer contraptions that merge code with the physical world. Join us where code meets creation, and students become architects of their own inventions.

Introduction to Modern Media:

“Introduction to Modern Media” introduces students to the cutting-edge world of digital creation, where they transform ordinary images into stunning visual pieces, capture compelling visual narratives, and create immersive VR environments. Students will use Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, photography, videography, and 3D design; Skills that are not only essential for modern media but also highly sought after in today’s job market. With numerous engaging hands-on projects, students leave with a portfolio as boundless as the virtual horizons they’ve explored. Dive into the future of media creation today!

Introduction to the Biological Sciences:

“Introduction to the Biological Sciences” takes students on an exciting journey through the diverse world of living organisms. Delving into the intricate evolutionary “Tree of Life” through interactive activities and experiments, learners gain a deeper understanding of the natural world, from the tiny world of cells under microscopes to body systems and interactions. Students will not only cultivate an appreciation for the complexity of life but will also be armed with the essential toolkit to make advances in the exciting realm of medical sciences!


Grade 8/9:

Grade 8s and 9s can select their top choices for options. While they can choose, it is important to note that they will only be able to take each option one time in grade 8 or 9 (not once in grade 8, and again in grade 9). Students should choose a couple of favourites each year, but also try something new!


Transform ideas into architectural marvels with Archi-Tech! Students will dive into building design, from initial visionary sketches to polished final models. They’ll unleash their inner architects using CAD tools and materials like cardboard and wood to bring digital blueprints to life. Archi-Tech is where creativity meets structure, and dreams become designs.

3D Design and Fabrication:

Step into the future with 3D Design and Fabrication! Students will dive deeper into the world of Design and 3D creation, starting with real-world sculpting and advancing to digital masterpieces using cutting-edge software. They’ll transform their complex ideas into reality by designing, crafting, and testing a variety of 3D objects to tackle complex challenges. Turn your imagination into reality with this hands-on course!

Aerospace Engineering:

Welcome to Aerospace Engineering! In this course students will explore the science of lift and flight, experiment with advanced lift and propulsion technologies, and will design, build, and test remote-controlled aircraft. This hands-on course transforms aspiring engineers into aviation experts, ready to soar beyond the classroom. Join us and elevate your understanding of the science of flight!

VEX robotics:

Begin your robotic adventure with VEX Robotics, where creativity and teamwork powers innovation! In this course, students will extend their robotics skills, collaborate to tackle exciting challenges by designing and coding their own VEX robots. This hands-on class blends logic, programming, and engineering, enabling students to bring mechanical marvels to life and navigate thrilling tasks. Gear up for an immersive journey into the heart of technology!

Foundations of Video Game Design:

Unlock the secrets of game creation with Foundations of Video Game Design! Using the powerful Unity engine and C# programming, students will turn their gaming dreams into digital realities. They’ll design intricate levels, animate unique characters, and craft complex stories, mastering game mechanics and coding along the way. It’s more than play—it’s where students become architects of their own virtual worlds!

Digital Design and Animation:

Continue your digital odyssey with Digital Design and Animation! From concept to final frame, students will master digital design techniques and animate their visions using professional 2D and 3D software. They’ll craft everything from sleek illustrations to immersive VR worlds, ready to impress in the creative industries. It’s where art meets technology, and students become the creators of tomorrow’s visual wonders, further developing the valuable skills that are highly sought after in today’s job market.

Biomedical engineering:

Dive into the cutting-edge world of Biomedical Engineering! This immersive course takes students on a deep dive into biomedical design, exploring common diseases and their modern cures. They’ll step into the shoes of a biomedical engineer, unraveling the complexity of disease and disability, and tackling them head on with the creation of life-changing prosthetic limbs with creativity, CAD modeling and 3D printing. It’s a in depth exploration of innovation and empathy, where students can make a real and meaningful impact on their healthcare community.

PC remix:

Are you ready to become a computer wizard with PC Remix? This course is your ticket to mastering computer hardware, where you will dive into the heart of technology as you troubleshoot and solve real-world computer issues, from planning and repairing to upgrading and rebuilding. For the grand finale, you’ll put your soldering and customization skills to the test by building a personalized mechanical keyboard of your very own! Remix the way you think about computers and create something extraordinary!


At STEM Collegiate, learning isn’t limited to the classroom. STEM Collegiate students will have the opportunity to compete in science fairs and robotics competitions, explore their passions and build new friendships through a variety of clubs, build their leadership skills in student government, and experience the thrill of training and teamwork as they compete in interclub athletics.