School Fees and Supplies

2023/2024 Fees

  • Our annual school fee of $175.00 covers consumables for option classes. 
  • The 2023-2024 annual fee to ride any STEM Collegiate yellow bus is $1,500. This is in alignment with what other Charter Schools in Edmonton charge for student transportation. There are no waivers available to cover yellow bus fees.

STEM Collegiate has partnered with School Start to make it easier for families to order the required school supplies determined by our teaching staff. School Start offers quality items at competitive prices and also donates a portion of the sales back to our school.

  1. Go to the School Start Back to School Supplies website and click on  ‘Parents Shop Here > Purchase School Supply Kits’ and then navigate to the STEM Collegiate page.
  2. On our school’s order page, will see the Starter Package and the additional Required Items. Each student needs all the items on both lists. If you already have some of the Required Items, you can simply remove those items from the list by changing the quantity to zero.
  3. Once you have customized your shopping cart according to your needs, place your order. Orders will be shipped directly to your home.

STEM Collegiate has a casual uniform dress code. We’ve selected a range of logoed T-shirts and hoodies for students to proudly wear with jeans, pants, shorts, or skirts from their regular day-today wardrobe. Families must purchase at least three tops for each child attending STEM Collegiate. At least one must be a long-sleeved shirt for cooler days. You may also wish to order gym strip pieces from the STEM Collegiate online apparel store.

Orders will be ready for in-store pick-up by mid-August from our STEM gear provider, Above and Beyond Promotions Ltd. (near 97 St. and 41 Ave.) Alternatively, you can pay for shipping and have your order delivered directly to your home.

Order Here

Please note: no waivers are available for STEM gear uniform apparel.

  • All students must have a change of clothes for PE class, either STEM Collegiate
    sweat-wicking wear or other athletic clothing from home (preferably not cotton). Students’ indoor gym shoes and PE clothes are kept at school in their locker. Every Friday, students take PE clothes home to be washed; they bring the clean gym strip back each Monday.
  • Indoor shoes with non-marking soles. These runners are kept at school for PE.
  • Tech: laptop, mouse, USB storage device, and headphones for their laptop.
  • Backpack with a padded laptop compartment and exterior water bottle pouch.
  • Reusable water bottle. Light, leak-proof, 400-500 ml.

Student Computer Recommendations

Students at STEM Collegiate are required to always have their own laptop with them while at school. Each course requires different levels of technical specifications for student devices.

A special site for STEM Collegiate families has been set up with BCOM Computer Centre. We have negotiated a special rate for students to purchase a laptop that meets the STEM Collegiate Student Laptop Requirements.

Click here to access the online store

Please note: waivers are not available for student laptops.

Fee Waivers

In cases of financial hardship, some fees can be waived in whole or in part. These include fees for instructional resources and optional course fees. Please complete the fee waiver application and email it to