Opening in September for Grade 7-9

Board Business

School Fees and Supplies

2023/2024 Fees

Fees Due

  • Grades 7- 9 $175 annual fee/student which also covers consumable materials for options classes. 
  • A $75.00 non-refundable deposit is due upon registration to STEM Collegiate to hold the spot.  
  • This amount is then credited to your school fees which are due August 1st.
  • Once the Grade 7 – 9 student numbers are confirmed for 2023-2024, all families will receive detailed informaion on how to register for transportation. Date TBD. 
  • Families can anticipate paying between $900 – $1,300 a year for Yellow Bus Service. This is in alignment with what other Charter Schools in Edmonton charge for student transportation. There are no waivers available to cover yellow bus fees.

Please note: Families with outstanding school resource fees or transportation (bus) fees as of March 15 will not be granted a seat at STEM Innovation Academy for the upcoming school year. Families needing to make alternate payment arrangements must contact the school directly.

Fee Waivers

In cases of financial hardship, some fees can be waived in whole or in part. These include fees for instructional resources and optional course fees. Please complete the fee waiver application and email it to

Student Computer Recommendations

Students at STEM Collegiate are required to always have their own laptop with them while at school. Each course requires different levels of technical specifications for student devices. Waivers are not available for student laptops.